How to Make a Biscuit

If you’ve ever made biscuits, you know that it’s one of the most difficult and trying things in life. It’s right up there with death, taxes, and raising children. The recipe is simple: oil, flour, and milk. The instructions are pretty easy. Pre-heat oven, mix butter and flour, stir in Milk, form dough into small rounds, place dough on the pan, put pan in oven. Do not be deceived by simplicity, because then it gets tricky.  In most recipes, the oven time is easy breezy. Just pop it in and set the timer. Not so with the biscuits.

Biscuits are the most sensitive food in the world. If you leave them in the oven 3 seconds too long, they morph into bricks. Have you ever eaten a brick? I’m pretty sure my son might already have loose teeth because of my early biscuit making attempts… What happens if you take them out 3 seconds too early, you ask? Well, they become lava biscuits that erupt immediately upon being bitten. Making a biscuit is an acquired skill. It’s kind of trial and error.  

I am proud to say that I can successfully produce several edible biscuits per batch. I spend my Saturday mornings attempting to create good biscuit making memories with my sweet little biscuits. Just like biscuits, children require an exact recipe and timing. I hope that mine turn out just right.

My biscuits will one day tells stories of what a horrible mother I was. That I let SC sleep in my bed until he was one, I let him have chocolate milk for breakfast, and that I often forgot to brush his teeth after bath time. But I certainly hope that he remembers all of the good things that I attempted to teach him.. that our home is never boring, that sleep is important, that talking to Jesus is all about the “thank you’s,” and that Saturday mornings are meant for watching Cartoons and learning how to make a biscuit. 



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