When we decided to move, I had JUST started How to Make a Biscuit. It was a small idea in my head for five long years (yes, I knew I would be blogging mama when I was pregnant!) and it came to life along with many other dreams for our family. 

Looking back on my posts, it makes me sad that they are all Saturday Night Cry Fests! Jeeze, Louise! This is not what I had in mind! Unfortunately, with so many changes, come so many feelings! Sorry about that!

To make up for a sadness, here are a few announcements regarding How to Make a Biscuit!

First a foremost, I am so thrilled to announce…. that we have a big announcement/reveal coming up for How to Make a Biscuit! It’s in the works as we speak and involves my awesome, creative husband! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

In addition to the big reveal, we are revamping the way we do things around here. To start, I am going to be sharing our homeschool journey with the blogosphere through a video blog! This is something that I hope will give a little encouragement to all of the first time homeschool moms! You can’t be worse than me!

Next up…


And you get a car.

And you get a car.

Just kidding. I don’t even have a car to give away, but I am going to start doing small giveaways! I’m really excited about this! It’s a great way to give back to my followers! I so appreciate my few!

For all of you…. okay there are only two of you….. okay one of you is my mom…… who are wanting to read my thoughts about anything specific, I’d be happy to write about it! Please feel free to anonymously suggest a topic at ask.fm/howtomakeabiscuit. I want to know what you want to read! 

Lastly, I hope to follow a blog schedule! Maybe my homeschool schedule will kick me into shape! This schedule will feature days specifically devoted to certain topics as well as guest bloggers! To begin, I’ll be doing a “family update” on the first Saturday of each month! So excited about this! 

One more thing… To help you keep up with all of the latest and greatest on How to Make a Biscuit, I’ve created social media madness everywhere and I promise to post frequently! You can follow HTMAB on Twitter (@makeabiscuit), Instagram (@howtomakeabiscuit), and Facebook on our community page by searching How to Make a Biscuit! You can also join the conversation with #howtomakeabiscuit! 

I love you all and my mama! Thanks for supporting my writing habit! Image


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